Paramount Chiropractic makes Peak Performance a Reality for Swimmers

chiropractor-for-swimmersSingapore has seen an increase in both young and old pursuing the sport. Swimming has a good reputation for being low impact, so many doctors highly recommend it. Swimming’s three-dimensional freedom allows us to stretch muscles in ways dry land simply won’t accommodate without the usual associated risks of exercise.  However, when swimmers reach competitive levels the constant repetition of movement can put stress on muscles, and joints. Well-known problems among professionals, like swimmers shoulder, can lead to serious injuries thus precious time away from the sport. Chiropractic care doesn’t only help cure these problems faster, but actually prevents them from happening in the first place.

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A Swimmer’s Body

There is a difference between a day-to-day chiropractic patient and those who are professional swimmers. Athletes require additional care to the usual realignment of joints in the non-athlete.  An in-depth knowledge of the joints and muscles is needed for the particular sport in question. Swimmers are most likely to suffer from problems with their shoulders, knees and lower back, but other areas like the neck, elbow, rib cage, hips and ankles can also cause concern. Shoulder injuries are so common because an elite athlete completes more than 2500 shoulder rotations in a single day of training. If the swimmer is rotating incorrectly due to limitations elsewhere in the body this can cause problems not only in their performance, but also in their overall health. For example, if a swimmer has limited neck rotation and cannot obtain air correctly while swimming, they often over rotate the trunk causing them to push their arms deeper into the water. This places added pressure on the shoulders and causes a loss of power in propulsion and future injuries. A swimmer cannot reach peak performance and sustain it, unless the entire body functions at its optimum. This is where Chiropractic make a huge difference in any competing athlete.

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Why Paramount Chiropractic for Swimmers?

We always focus on prevention over cure! This is the biggest component most people miss. Many people and athletes think, I am not in pain so I don’t need to see a Chiropractor. What most novices don’t know is, that it is the Chiropractic care that will get you the flexibility, full range of motion, full muscle activation, that you so desperately need to win. If the nerve that supplies the muscles is not activating the muscle properly, you can be training all day long and see not much difference in strength gain and agility. Our entire body needs to fire on all cylinders and that is when you are seeing the best come out in you. So if you are ready to it step up and not be in the same position next year, where you were this year, then schedule an appointment right now to get started.

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