Best Chiropractor For Cyclists in Singapore

Singapore Cyclists Reveal Secret Weapon: Pain X Chiropractic


Singapore is somewhat of a cycling mecca. It boasts a wide range of great places to cycle and has a virtually zero bicycle theft rate, so your bike is safe when you stop to take in the view and have a break! The Singapore government is also keen to get its citizens power peddling. They are investing millions into the ‘Round Island Route’ that will be 150 km of continuous green track circumnavigating the whole of Singapore. Has there ever been a better time to buy a bike?  Probably not! Whether you are brand new to cycling or you’re a cycling athlete you should be incorporating the kind of chiropractic care provided by Pain X Chiropractic into your routine. Here’s why.


The Body and Cycling

Cycling is great exercise. A moderate ride burns 300 calories per hour versus 175 calories per hour for moderate walking. Add in some challenges on a few uphill routes and you’ll be burning even more. It also makes you feel great and is an amazing way to see the city. Cycling places is far less pressure on your knees and legs than running. It’s much lower impact so less likely to cause injury. However, when we cycle, we are in an anatomically unnatural position. Cycling most often causes misalignments of the hips, lower back, neck and the shoulder region. Wrist pain is another common symptom. Hours spent on the saddle, combined with constant vibration through the body is in fact a recipe for back pain.  The best way to avoid it is to make sure your bike has been tuned-up and fitted well to your needs, ensure your own good posture and see the Chiropractor to increase your muscle strength, speed and prevent future injuries. When your body is optimally aligned, it will perform at its best, just like your bike does.


Pain X Chiropractic and Cycling

Chiropractors use hands on manipulation to realign the body’s musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine, so that the body is enabled to heal itself without the need for painful and costly surgical intervention.  Strictly speaking it is a preventative medicine although it does cure pain when it arises as well.  Although you can sustain a sudden injury through cycling, more often than not the injury builds over time as we spend more and more hours on the bike. Common injuries include lower back pain often due to over extended forward posture while riding, neck pain from pinched nerves or over strain on rear neck muscles, and pain in the knees or shoulders sometimes due to a poorly fitted bike. At Pain X Chiropractic, we seek out tiny misalignments before you even notice them so they don’t have chance to materialize into these kinds of cycling injuries.  Of course, if you already have a cycling related injury, you should book an appointment immediately so that your body can be realigned and start healing itself today.  Visiting the Chiropractor regularly ensures you keep cycling without fear of injury.

Peak Performance and Cycling

Chiropractic care doesn’t only help heal and prevent further injuries. Chiropractic care helps you reach peak performance in cycling. We already help many cyclists in Singapore to get the most out of the sport they love. Chiropractic is part of every top cyclist’s health regime. Just like your bike needs tiny tweaks to perform at its best, so does your body. Visiting a chiropractor regularly can make all the difference to a personal best time on race day or even give you that winning edge. Furthermore, unless you are a professional cyclist, it is unlikely that cycling is all you do. At Pain X Chiropractic, we will take the time to ascertain if other time heavy activities in your life such as sitting at your desk, lifting or standing could also be affecting your cycling performance.  Paramount Chiropractic specializes in sport chiropractic, so we know how to help athletes and sports enthusiasts achieve their peak performance faster.


If you have a cycling related injury, or you’d like to avoid them in the future and get the most out of your time on a bike then get in touch with Pain X Chiropractic for a fully comprehensive consultation.