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” I get regular Chiropractic care through my program at the University of Texas and get adjusted once a week or at the latest every other week!”

– Joseph Schooling 

Olympic Gold Medalist and Olympic Record Holder at the 2016 Rio Olympics


JT Foxx and Richard Branson

“When it comes to pain relief and long term prevention, I personally recommend Paramount Chiropractic in Singapore. They are fantastic! ”

– JT Foxx 

Serial entrepreneur, Real estate investor, Philanthropist and the World’s #1 Wealth Coach


David Lim

” Not all Chiropractors are created equal. That is why we partner up with Paramount Chiropractic, the best Chiropractor in Singapore .

-David Lim

Former Olympic Swimmer, Singapore National Olympic Council and Founder of Swimfast Aquatic Group



I would like express my gratitude to you for having helped me tremendously on my road to recovery.When I first came to see you, I was having a constant pain in my back which had been bugging me for more than a year. Two specialists that I consulted recommended that I go for spinal fusion surgery as there are signs of disc degeneration in my spine. I was quite averse to having major surgery and would want to avoid it or at least put it off for as long as possible. I decided to look for alternative forms of treatment to see if anything else would help.

I was so glad that I came to see you. After only 12 treatments, I have experienced significant improvement with my back problem. The constant pain is no longer bugging me. I am currently doing regular stretching & core strengthening exercises and am trying to lose some weight as well. Thank you very much,

I woke up one morning with severe neck pain that spread to my shoulders and gave me a migraine. As the pain did not dissipate over 2 days, a friend recommended I see Dr. Inge. From the first session with her, my pain was significantly reduced and I immediately recovered some range of motion in turning my head. Over three sessions, the pain was completely gone and has not returned since.

While I had some hesitation due to the fear that treatment would be painful, Dr. Inge’s sessions were entirely painless and very relaxing. I was always at ease due to her professionalism and expertise. In addition to alleviating my pain, she also helped to relieve tightness in my shoulder that I developed from long hours at a desk bound job that has plagued me for years.  

-K. C.

I have been suffering from numbness on my entire body and stomach bloating for years. Because of these problems I have not been able to sleep well. Medicines, acupuncture, massages only temporarily relieved the discomfort.

It was amazing that I have significant improvement after a few treatments and I am losing weight as well. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you!

-B. A.

My wife , Irene had been suffering from migraine for more than 30 years and recently she experience severe headache and numbness on the right hand. After numerous visit to medical practitioner and chinese sinseh. Her condition did not improve. She was very upset and disappointed until when she introduced to Dr. Inge. Her condition improved on the first visit and tremendously on subsequent visit. Only with 5 visit ( therapy ) , she had recovered. Headaches , numbness and migraine all gone.


“For me, Paramount Chiropractic has delivered on its promise of treating my severe back pain and shoulder pain, in a relatively short period, with long-term positive and permanent results! What is particularly important to me is that the treatment does not involve any drugs or machines. It is not a “too-good-to-be-true” magic pill. Instead, the sessions include effective professional treatment coupled with sound advice on overall wellness tailored to my own needs and lifestyle. I would recommend this to any stressed-out executive who is pressed for time, as the sessions are quick and effective, delivered in a fully professional yet highly personalized manner.” 


Hi, I find Dr. Inge a very good doctor. My right hip somehow got out of position and was pinching on a few nerves.  I could hardly put any weight on my right leg but after one session, my pain is much lessen.  I also like the fact that she does not aggressively sell herself nor promote any products.

If you need treatment, do consider using her.  Hahaha, telling you this because you are my friend or relative.  She is not paying me to advertise for her.  Just want to share this in case you need help.


“Having suffered a long history of back problems (over the last 15 years!), I really would like to thank you for having achieved to fix me up in only 3 sessions. I’ll be forever grateful!”

“Dear Dr. Inge,
I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude to you for healing my chronic neck pain and shoulder pain.
Since I’ve had these pains and stiffness for over 20 years, it was natural for me to wake up with them every morning. But, it was totally amazing to discover that they were just about gone only after my 3rd treatment. I feel so great that I am even sleeping better.
You are a great healer and I look forward to the next visit to get my neck popped!
Thanks & Regards,”


“Due to overwork in the office, I developed neck and shoulder problems many years ago.
For over 10 years, I have tried orthopedic specialists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, traditional massage, yoga, pilates etc. I am so glad that I was recently introduced to Dr Inge Austin. Her treatment has relieved my neck and shoulder aches and she also taught me some easy stretches which are very effective. Best of all, her treatment is not painful at all! My friends who have visited her have also been pleased with the results.
Thank you Dr Inge!”


“In our modern desk job world bad posture leads to several problems with back and neck. I found Dr. Austin extremely effective in combating this vociferous phenomenon. Dr. Austin’s thorough Austrian background coupled with her service experience of American West Coast practices offers the lucky users a thorough, effective and immediate response coupled with polite service. I would not hesitate to recommend.”

“Hi Dr. Inge,
Thanks for the treatment.
I had been in shoulder and neck pain and strain for the past 10 years. Getting a Chinese ‘sinseh’ to massage does help to relieve the discomfort for a couple of days. Your treatment does exactly wonders to relieve the strain and pain for the past 1 plus months so far.
The treatments give a wonderful experience of alleviating these pains on the necks and shoulders for office workers like us.


“I am pleasantly surprised by how completely stress-free and painless my sessions with Dr. Inge had been! Her treatments to deal with my tight shoulders and neck have helped increase flexibility, and reduce muscle tension and soreness. In addition, Dr. Inge showed me very effective light stretching techniques which I will continuously do to improve and maintain my healing process.”

“Hi Dr. Austin,
I would like to let you know that I’m currently in a very fine condition, thanks to the treatments. I have suffered from back pain on and off for quite some time, but I am finally experiencing relief. I do my normal daily activities comfortably and experience no more pain when i rise from my seated position.
Looking forward to see you again”


“Following numerous unsuccessful medical procedures and physiotherapy sessions on a particularly painful frozen shoulder, by chance I discovered Dr Inge. Through a short course of pleasant treatments, I have now regained almost complete mobility and even more importantly, can now get a comfortable nights sleep!
Dr Inge, many thanks for all you have done.”


“Due to my limited ability to communicate in English, I either had to take a good guess at what she was saying or relied on my husband’s translation (who was not always there for me!), however, I was still able to feel her passion and honesty in many ways.
Through her dedicated treatments, my chronic neck and shoulder pain, which is caused by bad posture since my childhood, are gradually improved. Not only treatments, but she also taught me a number of stretch exercises to help ease the pain and improve my posture.
She made me realize that the pain can heal faster by combining her treatments and exercising simple stretch on a daily basis.
In everyday life, it is easy to lose your body balance unconsciously. It is so assuring to know a great doctor like Dr. Inge. “

-T. I.

For years i was always told that my back would eventually need surgery because of my bulging discs. I went through many doctors until i found Dr. Inge. She was able to explain my condition to me in terms i could understand, how she could help me, and what i could also do to take better care of myself. I being treated regularly i feel so much better and i am no longer considering surgery. Thank you Dr. Inge, you are a life-saver.                                                                                                                                   –M. L.

I was very happy with the services, since i have been traveling in an out of Singapore for years, it was difficult to find someone i could count on at a last-minute notice. I was able to get an appointment right away, and I received prompt and professional services to treat my pinched nerve. If I am back in Singapore and need help then, I will be back.                                    

-D. C.

After years of putting up with back pain i was ready for a real change. I found Dr. Inge in the Singapore Chiropractic Association and gave them a try. I was not expecting much but after just a few treatments my back was considerably better. I just wanted to give Dr. Inge a shout out and say “Thank You“.

-T. S.