Better performance.

It is something that every athlete wants to achieve regardless of his or her sport, age, lifestyle or league. Better performance is not just reached through hard work and practice. It is vital to have professionals in one’s life who specialize in treating or caring for athletes. Athletes who are treated by a chiropractor have distinct advantages over other athletes when it comes to motor function. Such advantages include better muscle stimulation, increased running speed, improved accuracy and increased grip strength and a decreased risk of sport-related injuries. It is easy to see why ultimately, chiropractic care is a large contributor to successful performance in a variety of different sports. 

Preventing and Treating of Sports Injuries 

Chiropratcic Adjustments play an important role in preventing and rehabilitating sport-related injuries to improve performance. Functional disturbances can put an athlete at a higher risk of injury and also cause a decrease in performance, due to restrictions in their range of motion. Chiropractors have been sought by athletes over the last decade and many top athletes today, have their own personal chiropractor on staff. In addition, the United States has officially used chiropractors as a part of their staff in the Olympic Games since 1980. Professional athletes are beginning to understand the power of this type of treatment when it comes to sport performance and many of them use it on a weekly basis. 

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"I would like express my gratitude to you for having helped me tremendously on my road to recovery.When I first came to see you, I was having a constant pain in my back which had been bugging me for more than a year. Two specialists that I consulted recommended that I go for spinal fusion surgery as there are signs of disc degeneration in my spine. I was quite averse to having major surgery and would want to avoid it or at least put it off for as long as possible. I decided to look for alternative forms of treatment to see if anything else would help." -L.H.